On Friday 29th & Saturday 30th April 2016 The New Factory of the Eccentric Actor & The Torriano Meeting House presented readings of Margaretta D’Arcy and John Arden’s acclaimed telling of the life story of James Connolly The Non-Stop Connolly Show as a free event.

A play in six parts, first performed in Dublin at Liberty Hall (headquarters of the Irish Transport and general Workers Union) on Easter weekend,Saturday-Sunday, 29/30 March 1975.

They said it couldn’t all be read in 24 hours, and to be fair they were right. It actually took (with breaks for music, song, and sustenance) 26 hours. Many thanks to all those who turned up to read or simply to sit and listen, those who came and played music or sang, and many thanks to all those who supported the event in other ways. Well done to the 2 individuals who heard the entire reading over 2 days, and those who turned up to listen but read as well. Special thanks to Terry McGinity (who played Connolly in the original 1975 production in Dublin), who came along on Saturday night for half an hour to listen with no intention of reading, but who stayed for 6 hours and read Connolly throughout Part 6.

The 45 readers were (our apologies if we have inadvertently left anyone out): Agnes Hay, Anthony Best, Anthony Matheson, Brian McElhinney, Camden McDonald, Charlotte Pyke, Chris Tranchell, Dan Kennedy, David McGillivray, Doug Cooper, Emily Johns, Eve Pearce, Freya Parks, Funmi, Gabriel Carlyle, Gary Merry, Henry Willmore, Imogen Tranchell, Janet Henfry, Jenny McEvoy, Jo Ashe, Joanna Lucas, John, Jonathan Swain, Josh Darcy, Kathryn Hamilton-Hall, Lisa Rose, Lucy Daniels, Mary Carroll, Marion Roberts, Michele Monks, Miles Gallant, Nia Davies, Penny Dimond, Rebecca Tremain, Rosalind Scanlon, Sam Parks, Sean Patterson, Sebastian Humphreys, Sue Johns, Terry McGinity, Tim Block, Tina Chiang, Tony Wise. Thanks again everyone.

April 2016 – The Torriano Meeting House – London